Our Services

Post Covid-19 Research & Insights

As businesses start to turn their minds towards a time when they re-introduce furloughed workers and bring homeworkers back to the office, we know that HR and Business Leaders are keen to create effective re-engagement strategies.

We have created a range of services using the very best of our market leading research and strategic expertise which will help you to understand what your employees want, feel and need, and what has changed.

Our independence helps us to gather sensitive and confidential feedback which individuals may not be comfortable sharing directly with their employer.
This enables us to present underlying and less open opinion and feelings to you, giving you total confidence in the insight.

Our Solution

Confidential & Independent Employee Research

  • Employee Surveys
  • 121 Interviews
  • Focus Groups
  • Social Media Listening
  • Glassdoor Reviews

Competitors and Market Research

  • Communications & Best Practice
  • Social Media Listening
  • Glassdoor Reviews

Analysis and Reporting

  • Skill/Level Segmentation
  • Trend Analysis
  • Board Report, Dashboard and Workshop Format

Strategy & Training

  • Employee Re-engagement and Re-Boarding
  • Employee & External Communications
  • Post Covid-19 Manager Training
  • EVP & Employer Brand