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Strategic Audit

Too many organisations make short term “fixes” to candidate attraction and recruitment marketing. Our customers recognise the need to discover the roots of poor recruitment before they can make the changes which will deliver a positive impact upon business performance.

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The Scope

We will conduct an independent review of the recruitment model, the methods adopted by you to attract and select candidates, along with gaining expert insight into the effectiveness of your employer brand.

We will analyse existing data and engage with a selection of Leaders, Hiring Managers, HR and new starters to gain opinions upon the process and experience.

In this audit, we will conduct analysis of quantitative and qualitative data and create a clear, fact-based plan which will enable Cogito to support you with a high quality, progressive and best practice recruitment model.

The Audit will focus upon 3 main areas:

People & Experience

  • Business Leaders
  • Hiring Managers
  • HR & Recruitment
  • New Starters



Data, Documents & Process

  • Applicant Sources
  • Spend
  • Advertising Channels
  • Agencies
  • Assessment & Selection Tools
  • Systems & Processes

Brand & Marketing

  • Employee View
  • Advertisements
  • Careers Site content
  • Competitor marketing
  • Candidate Documentation
  • External Audience Perception

Transformational Plan

We do not stop at highlighting what needs to be improved, we also help you understand how the change process should be structured.

We break down our recommendations for improvement in 4 stages.

Design > Build > Develop > Embed

Every business is different, some ready to make the change themselves or others requiring more expertise from our team.  In most cases we support businesses in the execution of the transformation plan, either in the entirety, as a guiding hand or owning specific workstreams.

Our Recruitment and Employer Brand Audit and expert recommendations help to ensure that every penny of your recruitment budget is maximised and your recruitment model creates a positive impression upon the talent audiences you are looking to hire. 

It’s the first step towards becoming successfully self-sufficient in recruitment, helping you to find the right talent whilst saving you money and reducing recruitment agency use.

Our team of recruitment, employer brand and people analytics experts will then present a detailed strategic improvement plan including key milestones and the return upon investment that will transform the way your business attracts and engages talent to drive your business forward.

This is for you if:

  • You are relying heavily on expensive agency recruitment and want to move towards a direct hiring model
  • You need to make cost savings
  • You are struggling to attract sufficient quantities of applicants
  • Your applications are not of the quality you would like
  • Good candidates are failing to turn into good hires
  • You are experiencing high levels of staff turnover

Our Audit Options

Free Independent Audit 

A full days review of your recruitment processes and people conducted by our experts providing you with an informed overview of the way ahead.

  • Stakeholder Interviews; Hiring Managers, New Starters, HR & Recruitment: discovering views, needs and areas for improvement
  • Process Review
  • Data Review: Performance Data, Budget and Spend
  • Employer Brand benchmarking versus your competitors 
  • Insights which reveals what people are saying about you
  • Advertising and Attraction Channels and Content Review 

We will present a detailed report with observations and high-level recommendations for improvements on each area that will add real value to your recruitment model.

Strategic Audit

Our deep dive analysis and review incorporating a more comprehensive review of your recruitment model and employer brand providing you with a detailed plan to achieve your goals.

  • Stakeholders Interviews, Employee Focus Groups and Surveys to evidence their view of the recruitment experience and the Employer Value Proposition
  • Analysis of your current employer value proposition, recruitment marketing, careers site and social media content and channels
  • External Audience Employer Brand perception research and Benchmarking your Employer Brand with your competitors for Talent
  • Financial and Recruitment Performance Data Analysis
  • Recruitment Document Review; job descriptions, advertisements, interview tools, assessment and selection criteria
  • Analysis of systems, process and people

We will present a detailed report highlighting how you can increase your return on investment, improve candidate quality and enhance your employer brand. Findings are complemented by a step-by-step improvement plan to convert our recommendations into action.