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The world of recruitment is constantly moving, meaning that there are regular innovations in the way businesses carry out their recruitment activities. Video interviewing is a strategy that has grown considerably across a range of industries. The Covid-19 pandemic has only sped this process up further, as the lockdown forced many businesses to reconsider the way they went about their recruitment. Even before the pandemic, however, firms were actively working towards a more digital and streamlined process.

 Video interviewing has grown in popularity as it can quickly establish the top-performing candidates who apply for high-volume positions, as well as also being an effective stage at the start of a process for higher-profile roles. Overall, it is also found to be considerably more convenient for both employers and candidates.

Cogito supports businesses in implementing video interviews and have successfully introduced this into several of our clients’ recruitment process. We also have the capability to support businesses in managing the delivery of video interviews throughout a recruitment programme.

Adjusting recruitment activities is something many employers remain reluctant to do unless there is a clear issue with their current programme. However, the requirement for employers to be more proactive in their approach to innovating their recruitment strategies is becoming increasingly prominent. With this in mind, below we have identified five key reasons why businesses should consider incorporating video interviews into their recruitment process.


1. Recognises your business as a market leader

In an increasingly competitive recruitment market, it is more important than ever for businesses to ensure that they are a progressive employer, this is also found to be a contributing factor to their success. An effective way of doing this is through presenting your business as one that has invested in technology, instead of shies away from it – incorporating a video interviewing system is a great indication of the former.

Many firms are yet to implement video interviews into their recruitment programme. Those who can successfully utilise this are more likely to be seen as a business who has invested in technology, which is evidenced to support a candidates’ engagement throughout an application process.


2. Potential to improve Quality of Hire

For many, the success of a businesses’ recruitment simply comes down to the quality of the personnel that they hire. Hiring a professional who is not only the most suitably qualified, but has the best cultural fit is often easier said than done. The inclusion of video interviews can make this less of a daunting task.

A process which can consistently deliver high-quality candidates is recognised as a good one, the use of video interviewing can go a long way in ensuring this. If used correctly, video interviews can guarantee that candidates are assessed in a consistent way, which helps hiring managers in their decision making on who to take forward to the next stage. Video interviews are frequently utilised as the first stage in helping create a hiring process which balances efficiency and speed when assessing leadership skills.

Not only can companies who implement video interviewing improve their immediate quality of hire, but through delivering such a consistent process, businesses are able to clearly recognise what skills and competencies are most suitable for the position and create a profile of ‘what good looks like’. This can go a long way in helping businesses establish an internal benchmark to support future recruitment.


3. Reducing the time of Hire

Video interviews are found to alleviate businesses of one of the biggest sticking points within the recruitment process – the time that it takes to ultimately hire the right candidate. Sustaining momentum throughout a recruitment process remains a challenge for many businesses, as hiring managers often have a schedule which does not align with the candidates’ timeline of starting a new position.

Reducing the time of hire is a fundamental aspect in the success of a recruitment process, as failure to achieve this regularly results in the loss of interest from a candidate, as well as the potential threat of a competitor gaining their services instead. Through the implementation of video interviews, employers can assess the candidates’ suitability to the role immediately after viewing the video interview, and then are able to make an immediate decision on whether to progress with that candidate. Similarly, video interviews also facilitate the use of deadlines to be enforced both for when the candidate can complete their video interview and when the employer will provide feedback on their application. Such a level of transparency allows the recruitment process to be much quicker.


4. Improving Employee Engagement and Experience

Reducing the time of hire does not only help the employer, but also goes a long way in ensuring the candidate has a positive experience throughout the process, this is found to
improve the employer brand within an organisation. Candidates can get more prompt feedback throughout the process, which understandably impacts their engagement with the position they are applying for.

In high-volume positions, no-shows are often a challenge for hiring managers at the interview stage. Although the implementation of video interviews will not eradicate this possibility, it affords candidates the opportunity to showcase their personality at a time and location that is suitable to them prior to arranging an in-person meeting. As candidates would have already had the opportunity to learn about the role, as well as the chance to communicate their suitability for the position, there is a higher chance that they will be bought into the role, and therefore are less likely to drop out of the process.


5. Communicates the business values

Perhaps the most fundamental aspect of a business’ employer brand is their company values. As the labour market continues to give candidates a broader range of opportunities, employees are becoming increasingly selective with where they are prepared to work – ultimately, the importance for businesses to promote their values is more prominent than ever.

One of the most significant benefits of video interviewing is the opportunity for the business to implement its own branding, which helps give the candidate an insight into the company’s values. Employers often implement video instructions, or introductory videos from different members of staff, which helps candidates recognise the business as one that is invested in their people.

Businesses who are successful in communicating their company values have the opportunity tonot only to keep candidates engaged throughout the recruitment process, but actually can gain more interest in their job openings.

While the world of business is regularly evolving, video interviewing appears to be here to stay as it provides employers with different insights into candidates. For this reason, companies should review their current recruitment process and consider if the implementation of video interviewing would ensure a more streamlined and reliable process. Employers acknowledge that video interviews have their limitations and therefore are often not appropriate as the only stage within a recruitment process. However, the benefits including video interviews is evidenced in the faster collating of data for selecting candidates for the next stage of the recruitment process.

Our experience within implementing and managing video interviews into our client’s recruitment process makes Cogito a suitable partner in supporting businesses who recognise that implementing this will support future recruitment. Our expert knowledge in the range of video interview services available ensures that the right video interview system will be implemented to support your recruitment needs. Our services extend to supporting clients throughout the delivery of the video interview within a recruitment programme, ensuring that this process is being utilised by the business and that every penny spent towards this strategy is maximised and your recruitment model is receiving the full benefits of this new process.

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